Managed Funds

Generate Managed Funds make investing simple and stress-free.

Managed Funds work in a similar way to KiwiSaver funds, but you get to control how much and how often you want to invest and when you want to take it out.

You only need $1,000 to get started, and from there our team of expert fund managers will actively manage your investment, making all the tough decisions about where and what to invest in.

Managed Funds are a great option to consider if you want to grow your savings over the long-term, as the returns are typically higher than those from traditional bank savings accounts or term deposits. However, it is important to remember that investments can go up and down from month to month. This is a normal part of investing and the higher the weighting to growth assets, the higher the volatility.

Our Managed Fund Options

We offer three Managed Funds with a range of risk profiles and potential returns.

Choosing the right fund for you

Your fund choice will depend on your investment timeline and your appetite for risk. Our Conservative Managed Fund is recommended if you are planning to stay invested for less than four years, as volatility is likely to be the lowest of the funds. At the other end of the risk/return scale, our Focused Growth Managed Fund may be a good choice if you’re planning to invest longer term because while volatility is likely to be the highest of the Funds, the long-term returns are also likely to be highest due to the highest weighting of growth assets.

Not sure which is best for you?
We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Why Generate Managed Funds?
We make investing simple and stress-free. If you have a long-term savings goal, we can help you get there.

Our hands-on team of expert fund managers do all the hard work for you. They invest your money in a diversified portfolio that includes international equities, property, infrastructure assets, fixed income (although not typically for the Focused Growth Managed Fund) and cash. They actively monitor and manage these investments, making all the calls about when to buy and sell stocks or when to move from one asset class into another.

You only need $1,000 to get started and can decide how much or how often you want to put more money into your Generate Managed Fund. It really is easy.


^See Generate Unit Trust Scheme (Managed Funds) Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

  1. The actual investment mix may vary from the target asset allocation as we pursue tactical investment opportunities, or as we seek to protect asset values in periods of market volatility. For further information about the funds’ investment activities see the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO) here.
  2. See the Scheme’s Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO)
  3. The risk category for each investment option is calculated based on the volatility of past returns over five years. See OMI for more information. 
  4. Estimate for the year ahead. Annual fund charges for the fund are made up of: the management fee; the supervisor fee; other administration charges. For details regarding the actual fund charges, see the latest fund update here. 

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