1. What is a Life-Shortening Congenital Condition withdrawal?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life-Shortening Congenital Condition withdrawal?

You may make a withdrawal of some or all of your investment from your Generate KiwiSaver Scheme account if the Supervisor is reasonably satisfied that you are suffering from a life-shortening congenital condition. You will need to provide medical evidence to support your request.

You may qualify for this withdrawal if you have a condition that has existed since birth and:

  • Is identified as a life‐shortening congenital condition under regulations that will be made under the KiwiSaver Act (Listed Condition)*

  • Not a “Listed Condition” but you can provide medical evidence to verify that the congenital condition is expected to reduce your life expectancy or for people in general with the condition below the New Zealand superannuation qualification age of 65 (a Non‐Listed Condition).

To apply please call us on 0800 855 322.

*Please note that the Government is yet to release a list of “Listed Conditions”. Until the Government makes the list of eligible Life‐Shortening Congenital Conditions available, withdrawal requests will be applied for as though they are in respect to a Non-Listed Condition.