Introducing our two new specialised Managed Funds: Invest with the experts


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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Thematic Managed Fund and Australasian
Managed Fund!

These managed funds bring the Generate Managed Funds suite to five, with Conservative, Balanced and Focused Growth options already available.

These investment fund options may be right for you if you want to invest in long-term growth assets that are professionally and actively managed by fund managers with specific expertise. Find out more about the funds below:

Generate Thematic Managed Fund

Our new Thematic Managed Fund invests predominantly (98%) in mid- to large-cap international equities, including a number of high-profile global companies, based on investment themes that we consider to have high growth potential. For example, Nike and Lululemon are some of the equities the fund is invested in under the athleisure investment theme, with other themes including AI, waste management and energy transition. 

This fund is managed by Nathan Field, one of New Zealand’s top global equities portfolio managers who has a proven track record in thematic-based global equities investment, the Thematic Managed Fund is invested in line with Generate’s Responsible Investment Policy and also excludes fossil fuels.

Generate Australasian Managed Fund

The new Australasian Managed Fund invests in an actively managed portfolio of New Zealand
infrastructure and property equities, such as Contact Energy and Infratil, and selected Australasian equities identified as having high long-term growth potential.  

The fund is managed by Portfolio Managers Andrew Bolland and Dan Frost, who have been managing our Australasian investment strategy and the Australasian portion of Generate’s
other funds (including the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme funds) for the past five years, which have demonstrated strong performance. 

Our Portfolio Managers describe the new Australasian Managed Fund as a good consideration for investors who want exposure to growth assets with defensive characteristics.

“Our investment approach favours companies that generate sustainable cashflows with attractive growth pathways. These companies tend to be lower risk than early-stage non-profitable growth companies,” says Bolland.

How do Managed Funds work?

Generate Managed Funds make investing simple and easy. 

Managed Funds work in a similar way to KiwiSaver funds, but you get to control how much and how often you want to invest, and when you want to withdraw your money.

With Generate Managed Funds you only need $1,000^ to get started, which you can split across any of our five Managed Funds. From there, our team of expert fund managers will actively manage your investment for you.

There is no lock-in term and no fee to withdraw your funds.

We recommend talking to an adviser before selecting a managed fund, to make sure your choices suit your savings goals, investment timeframe and risk appetite.

All investments involve risk, and returns are never guaranteed.

Are you ready to level up your investment portfolio?

You can invest in Generate Managed Funds with as little as $1000 - apply online!

As always, we recommend talking to an adviser before selecting a managed fund, to make sure your choices suit your savings goals, investment timeframe, and risk appetite. All investments involve risk, returns can do up and down.