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With low interest on savings accounts and KiwiSaver accounts locked-in until retirement; Kiwi investors are being encouraged to diversify and think about incorporating Managed Funds into their portfolio to help achieve their financial goals.

Managed Funds are just as simple to set up and run as KiwiSaver accounts, but they’re much more flexible as you can control how much and how often you want to invest, and, crucially, you can access the funds whenever you need them.

“Both KiwiSaver and Managed Funds pool together people’s money, so that providers can invest them on a large scale. Having both kinds of investments is a really valuable combination as you can use them for different purposes.

While your KiwiSaver account is there to save for your retirement, you can use a Managed Fund to help save for any goal you might have – purchasing an investment property, taking a family holiday, home renovations or even buying that dream car…” says Generate Senior Wealth Adviser, Tom Waugh.

“The key factor is understanding why you are investing. What is the goal or objective? From here we can then align that goal with one of our available funds. Each fund has a recommended investment timeframe meaning the more time you have generally the more risk an investor can take on,” says Waugh.

Investing in a Managed Fund with Generate is easy; a minimum $1000 savings will get you started, and then their team of expert fund managers will actively manage your investment, and make all the tough decisions about where and when to invest.

Working with a Generate adviser can be particularly helpful for nervous or first-time investors. Advisers are there to educate and empower clients so that they can fully understand where and why they’re investing.

“We can also talk through the different ways to get started. For example the dollar-cost averaging strategy can be described as dipping your toes in the water before taking the plunge. This is when an investor puts their money in in smaller increments, and that allows people to essentially test the water, and become more involved in the process and understand how the investment works,’ says Waugh.

This strategy takes the stress and hassle around investors trying to time the market and rather works to try and reduce the impacts of volatility on people’s investments. Depending on market conditions this method may actually see a lower cost per share for investors too.

Generate operates using a highly vetted responsible investment philosophy, and investment decisions made by Generate not only consider potential financial returns but also the social and environmental impacts of these investments.

“This means for a lot of people who want to have a say in how their funds are invested”.

Managed Funds returns are typically higher than those from traditional bank savings accounts or term deposits, but like any investment, Waugh cautions there are always risks.

“Investments can go up and down from month to month. This is a normal part of investing and the higher the weighting to growth assets, the higher the volatility; we can help you through the highs and lows of investing, so come and talk to us!”

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Generate wins THREE awards at the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2023



Generate contributor


Generate wins THREE awards at the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2023. 

We're also excited to share that Generate won three awards at the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year Awards for 2023! Generate took home the Investor Choice Award for the second year in a row, the newly created Diversified Fund Award for the Generate Focused Growth Managed Fund and Generate Business Development Manager, Marc Grigg, took home the Relationship Manager of the Year Award. 

We would like to thank all the members who voted for Generate in the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year awards this year. It’s an honour to receive the Investor Choice Award again – Generate is the only fund provider to hold this award since its inception. 

Awards like this are a great indication of member satisfaction. Our purpose is to educate and empower Kiwi’s to make smart decisions with their KiwiSaver investment, so they can be better off at retirement. We are pleased to deliver our chart-topping long-term performance for our members, as shown in the latest Morningstar report:

🏅Generate KiwiSaver Focused Growth Fund ranked 1st for 10-year returns in the NZ Multi Sector Aggressive Category*

🏅Generate KiwiSaver Moderate Fund ranked 1st for 10-year returns n the NZ Multi Sector Moderate Category*

We would also like to congratulate Marc Grigg, Generate Business Development Manager, on his win for the Relationship Manager of the Year. Marc provides support to Financial Advisers across the country and we are pleased to see him recognised for his commitment to this. 

Thanks again to all those who voted for Generate in the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year awards this year. We appreciate your support and are committed to delivering you top-quality service.

About the Research IP Fund Manager of the Year awards:

The Research IP Fund Manager of the Year Awards have been running since 2015 and recognise the best fund managers in the country.

All New Zealand and Australia based funds management companies that have retail investment funds available are considered for the Fund Manager of the Year Nominations and Awards. The awards recognise the expertise of advisers in wealth management, with an Adviser Choice award for the best fund managers in multiple categories, including KiwiSaver.