Frequently Asked Questions

What taxes do I pay?

Our Managed Funds are registered as PIEs. Please note all PIE tax will be paid on your behalf. Also, PIE investors benefit from: – Investors are taxed up to a maximum PIR of 28%. This is the highest rate. – No tax on earnings in New Zealand equities and even some Australian equities. Unless they are listed on the Australian ASX All Ordinaries Index, investments in non-New Zealand companies are taxed under the modified Foreign Investment Fund regulation (FIF) and are treated as though they had earned 5% of their total income. The income is computed by 5% of the total portfolio of assets subject to the FIF regime’s daily market value multiplied by the number of days in the year. Companies governed by the FIF framework are not taxed on their dividends. Instead of all Fund income and expenses being passed through to investors at the Fund’s tax rate of 33%, they are taxed at the investor’s PIR, up to a maximum of 28%, under the PIE regime. Investors who pay a 33% marginal tax rate profit from a 5% discount.

We recommend seeking independent tax advice for your financial situation.