Watch our Investment Update - March 2024 (video)


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Watch our Investment Update - March 2024 (video)

Watch our latest Investment Update video to hear our Global Equities Portfolio Manager, Nathan Field, give us an update on the Thematic fund, how AI is impacting investments and if the US election will have any impact on markets. This months investment update was hosted by Generate adviser, Stephanie Whittaker. 

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Some of the key takeouts from the video include:

  • Many of the themes that worked in 2023 should still work in 2024 such as the growth of artificial intelligence and obesity drugs.

  • Maturing cloud platforms is a new theme that focuses on great products that are growing into great businesses – such as Uber, Netflix, and Spotify.

  • A fall in US consumer spending is the biggest risk to equity markets in 2024

  • Falling fertility rates in the West and population declines are trends to keep an eye on.

  • The US election poses less risk this cycle because the two candidates are well known.