1. Managed Funds Declarations

Managed Funds Declarations

I wish to apply for units in the Scheme. I confirm that I have received, read and understood the current Generate Unit Trust Scheme (Managed Funds) Product Disclosure Statement dated 30 June 2023 and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in the Product Disclosure Statement and Trust Deed governing the Scheme. I understand that if a transaction request is invalid or insufficient information is provided, it will not be processed until valid documentation is received. I understand that neither the Manager nor the Supervisor has represented or implied that any particular fund or investment strategy is appropriate for my particular circumstances. I understand that investments in the Scheme are subject to investment risk and that the value of my investment may rise and fall from time to time. I understand that the distributor through which I joined the Scheme (if applicable) may be remunerated by the Manager for distributing the Scheme. I acknowledge that none of the Manager, the Supervisor and any distributor through which I joined the Scheme will be liable to me for any loss as a consequence of them accepting or acting on instructions from me or an authorised signatory in respect of my investment in the Scheme (and that none of the Manager, the Supervisor, or any other person guarantees the performance of the Scheme or the repayment of any money payable from the Scheme). I confirm that all of the information in this application form is true and correct. I agree to notify the Manager immediately if there is any change in the information given in this application form. By agreeing to this Application Form I consent to receive all forms of information and communication including account information, confirmation information, newsletters, Scheme annual reports, annual statements and annual tax certificates by any form of communication including email or other electronic means. I/We agree to receive communications that are required by law and those provided in connection with your Fund. Any electronic communication not required by law will include an unsubscribe facility. Telephone calls may be recorded for training purposes or to provide security for transactions by the Manager, its related companies or agents. I confirm that I have read and I accept the ‘Declarations’ in the above section.