How to make KiwiSaver contributions

KiwiSaver payment options

There are various ways you can contribute to your Generate KiwiSaver Scheme account. Please select one of the payment options below.

Online banking

The easiest way to contribute to your account is via online banking. From here you can choose between setting up an automatic payment or a one-off bill payment. Generate KiwiSaver Scheme is a saved payee with all major banks, just select this option at the time you set your payment up.

To ensure your payment reaches the correct account please use the correct details below in the payment reference sections, we have included an example below. Please note payments with incorrect references will be returned to the payee account.

- Particulars: Surname

- Code: Initials (add your full name initials)

- Reference: Member number (include 5-6 digits of your GEN number)

Alternatively, you can directly pay into the scheme's bank account below, please use the payment reference details as above.

Generate KiwiSaver Scheme bank details:

Account Name: Generate KiwiSaver Scheme

 Account number: 12-3244-0004191-00

Direct Debit

To make regular contributions you can log in to your online member account and provide instructions such as amount, frequency, start date, bank account name and account number to set up a new direct debit. Alternatively, you can complete our direct debit form. Please allow 10 business days for the Direct Debit to be set up.

IRD Payments (through your online banking)

1. Select Inland Revenue Pay Tax option

2. Select KiwiSaver Member Account (KSS)

3. Please add your IRD number when prompted