Splashing Success: Generate's Live Ocean Dip Raises $38,000 for Marine Conservation


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Splashing Success: Generate's Live Ocean Dip Raises $38,000 for Marine Conservation

The results are in! Last week, our team braved the cold for our annual mid-winter swim to raise awareness for World Ocean Day and support the Live Ocean Foundation. For each team member and adviser who took part in the #LiveOceanDip, Generate committed to donating to the Live Ocean Foundation to support their incredible marine conservation work.

We're thrilled to announce that this year we've raised $38,000! A big thank you to everyone who made a splash with us! 🌊👏

In a fantastic display of team spirit and care for the environment, 60 Generate team members and advisers jumped into chilly waters, raising an impressive $38,000 for marine conservation. This annual event, a highlight for our team, shows our commitment to supporting the Live Ocean Foundation and the fantastic work they do to protect and restore our oceans.

The Live Ocean Foundation, a leader in positive ocean action in New Zealand. Founded by Olympic sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the Live Ocean Foundation focuses on blue carbon research, protecting at-risk marine species like the Antipodean albatross and Southern Right Whale, and creating detailed seafloor maps to aid conservation efforts. Additionally, the foundation raises public awareness, engages communities, and advocates for strong marine conservation policies to ensure the health and sustainability of New Zealand's oceans for future generations. Since partnering with the foundation in 2020, Generate has donated over $200,000 to the live Ocean Foundation – and for four years has celebrated World Ocean Day by taking part in the Live Ocean Mid-Winter Dip.

In New Zealand, where the ocean surrounds us, a healthy ocean is essential for a healthy future. We choose to support the Live Ocean Foundation through events like the Live Ocean Dip to help protect our beautiful marine environment for the future of Aotearoa.