Timely Reminder

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Would you say no to the Government giving you $20,000 over your working lifetime towards your retirement savings? I didn't think so.

Yet many people have missed out on the annual $521 contribution which the government hands out to KiwiSaver members who have put in $1043 themselves for the year to June 30.

Both Helen Twose and Mary Holm have included timely reminders in their columns this week.

While the cut-off is June 30 it pays to sort it out before then.

Check with your KiwiSaver provider to find out how much you have contributed so far and if you need to top it up to get the maximum government subsidy.

This can be paid either directly to the Inland Revenue or your KiwiSaver provider.

If you turned 18 or 65 in the last year or joined KiwiSaver in the last year check out the KiwiSaver Q&A here to find out what you might be eligible to receive.

If you can't afford to top it up in the short time frame left think about making sure you get it for the next year.

It requires putting away around $20 per week.