Key changes to KiwiSaver start kicking in from April

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Important KiwiSaver changes have come into force, enabling far greater choice and flexibility for KiwiSaver investors.

From April 1, 2019, KiwiSaver members will have two additional contribution rates to choose from – 6 per cent and 10 per cent of gross salary – in addition to the current 3 per cent, 4 per cent and 8 per cent options. (NB: employers will still be required to make a minimum contribution of 3 per cent of gross salary).

Renaming the Contributions Holiday to Savings Suspension and reducing the maximum period from 5 years to 1 year (renewable on application) – this allows members to temporarily cease their contributions, although this also means no government or employer contributions, as relevant.

Changes also included renaming of the Government Contribution (formerly known as Member Tax Credits).

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