Generate tops KiwiSaver tables, with 10.5% p.a. return over 10-years for Focused Growth Fund




Media release: 9 May 2024

Generate’s Focused Growth KiwiSaver Fund has once again ranked 1st out of 8 funds in the Aggressive category for 10-year returns to 31 March 2024, boasting an impressive 10.5% annualised return, as revealed in the latest Morningstar KiwiSaver Report – 31 March 2024.


This is the highest return for any multi-sector KiwiSaver fund in the Morningstar Aggressive, Growth, Balanced, Moderate, or Conservative categories for 10-year returns.

The fund also ranked 1st out of 13 funds, out-performing all of its competitors within the multisector category for 1-year returns to 31 March 2024 with a 25.4% return, handily beating the category's average return of 19.0%*.

Generate’s Moderate KiwiSaver Fund also ranked 1st out of 12 funds for 10-year returns in the Moderate category, with a 6.0% p.a. return, and 1st out of 21 funds for 1-year with an 11.2% return. 

The Generate Growth KiwiSaver Fund ranked 2nd out of 14 funds in the multi-sector Growth fund for 10-year returns*.

“We pride ourselves on delivering strong long-term returns for our members, so they can be better off at retirement. That’s why the 10-year result is such an important one for us. We’re delighted to have delivered for our KiwiSaver members on all three of our original funds,” said Sam Goldwater Generate’s Chief Investment Officer.

These strong results come on the heels of several other awards for Generate including a Consumer New Zealand People’s Choice Award a Most Trusted Brand in KiwiSaver award from Readers Digest, and being nominated as a finalist for the INFINZ Diversified Growth Fund Manager 2024, the Morningstar KiwiSaver Provider of the Year 2024, and the Mindful Money Awards for Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund.

Download the full Morningstar KiwiSaver Report here.