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Your IRD number is eight or nine digits and you can usually find it on your payslip, on letters from the IRD, on your existing KiwiSaver statement. Alternatively you can visit https://www.ird.govt.nz/tasks/find-my-ird-number, or contact the IRD on 0800 775 247.

Prescribed Investor Rate More about PIR

Stepping Stones: A mix of funds designed to suit you as you progress towards retirement with your investment mix automatically set each year based on your age. The younger you are the more weighting you will have to our growth funds and the older you are the higher the weighting will be to our conservative funds. The benefits of growth when you have more time and the protection of conservative when you may need certainty of the amount you have to withdraw.

If you do not choose an investment strategy your KiwiSaver saving will be allocated to Stepping Stones by default.

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Adviser Ongoing Services

Adviser Ongoing Services give you access to a dedicated adviser to contact regarding your Generate KiwiSaver investments whenever you want to. They'll also reach out to you when it's time to review your account to make sure they still suit your savings goals as you get older and/or if there are changes to your circumstances.

Please tick below if you wish to appoint a Nominated Representative of Generate Investment Holdings Limited (‘Generate’) to provide you with ongoing advisory and administrative services in relation to your membership in the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme. In selecting that you sign up for Adviser Ongoing Services this authorises Generate Investment Management Limited (‘Manager’ or ‘us’), as the Manager of the schemes, to deduct and pay the Servicing Fee(s) from your relevant scheme account(s) to Generate.

For more information on the Servicing fee, please see a copy of the FAP Disclosure Statement available at Documents and Forms

I acknowledge and agree that:
– the Servicing Fee(s) payable, as recorded below, has been disclosed to me by Generate and I understand that the Manager and Generate are Related Parties;
– the Servicing Fee(s) above may be charged to me and paid to Generate directly from my relevant scheme account(s);
– the Servicing Fee(s) will be paid monthly, in arrears, by cancelling the equivalent amount of the units I hold in my relevant scheme account(s) and will continue to be paid until this authority is revoked or terminated;
– I am permitted to revoke this authority at any time. I will notify the Manager if I want to terminate the appointment of a Servicing Adviser or appoint a new Servicing Adviser;
– the Manager may in its sole discretion terminate this authority at any time (but is not required to do so) and will notify me in such event; and
– fees will begin accruing once all administrative steps have been completed;
– fees may continue to be charged until the appointment of the Servicing Adviser is terminated by me or by my personal representative (in the event you are deceased) or the Manager otherwise becomes aware that I am deceased;
– in submitting this online agreement, this contract will be legally binding and as valid as if I had signed this agreement in writing.

This Servicing Fee below will be deducted and paid to Generate as a percentage of the average daily value of your Generate KiwiSaver Scheme entitlements each year.

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